provides a “bridge” between your Financial Reporting Systems, such as P2 Qbyte Optix, and IHS data

Exclusive Source Code Rights Strategy for wellTriever™

wellTriever Visualizer includes:
  • Access to Over 800,000 Canadian Wells
  • Flexible Well Searches
  • Well Spot Patterning
  • Heat Maps
  • Add/Delete Wells on the Well List
  • Well List fully integrated with the map
  • Convenient access to Saved Searches
  • Definitive visualization of locations with Multiple Completions
Price: $240 per Username, per year

Together with wellTriever Visualizer, we offer the following:

  • The wellTriever Financial Module provides Secure Links to your Company’s web-based financial reporting software, such as P2 Qbyte Optix
  • The wellTriever Reporting & Graphing Module retrieves and visualizes IHS Production and Drilling data
Please review Licensing for further details.

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